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Here’s How Bellflower Dentists Do Halloween…

NOV 03

Halloween is the one day of the year where children and families can dress up as a tribute to their favorite cartoons, celebrities, heroes and more. Our Bellflower dentists love celebrating this one of a kind holiday, and decided to enjoy it with the community while also sharing some great tips about oral health care. The dentists and the rest of our awesome team did so by hosting a Halloween themed health fair for our friends and family in the community.


Our Halloween health fair was an open house-like event held for the habitants of Bellflower and surrounding communities. At the health fair our Bellflower dentists and staff were able to educate each visitor about oral health care services and dental opportunities at our practice, such as dental implants, teeth cleanings, orthodontics and more. While learning about our services, visitors were also able to tour our practice to see our offices, facilities and abundant technology.


While we love Halloween, our Bellflower dentists are even more enthusiastic about celebrating healthy oral hygiene. At our event we demonstrated our enthusiasm and dedication to dental care by educating the community about proper care for their teeth, mouth and gums. This is especially important around Halloween as it is a time of the year when we consume a lot of sugar, which can be detrimental to our oral health if proper cleaning techniques are not used.


However, at Bellflower Dental Group, we know not everyone is as excited about oral hygiene as we are, so we also added many fun things to do at our open house for the whole family. Those who attended were able to enjoy free food, entertainment, massages, a costume contest, an electric toothbrush raffle, fun for kids and many games with prizes and handouts. We all enjoyed getting to know the members of the community that came to visit our dental practice, and hope to have similar events in the future with the community. If you missed this wonderful event, it is not too late to learn about our services and oral health care. We love seeing new smiling faces at our office, so stop by or give us a call at (323) 486-6579 to learn more. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

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